Record-Breaking Number of Dark Horses in the Qualifying Round

Air Guitar World Championships Starts Up the Competition Rounds Today

The 20th anniversary of the Air Guitar World Championhips will surely be a battle of the best: the Northern Finnish city of Oulu has gathered together altogether 38 international airtistes to compete for the title of the Air Guitar World Champion 2015.

Thursday’s Qualifying Round Gets Tight with 30 Dark Horses

The legendary rock club 45 Special hasn’t witnessed this in 20 years: to highlight the success story of competitive Air Guitar, the Qualifying Round for Dark Horses will present a record-breaking number of 30 air guitarists competing. To gain their last chance for a spot in the World Final, they have travelled from Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK, the United States, Taiwan and Finland to Oulu. Eight of them will be lucky (and talented) enough to join the national champions and the reigning world champion in the Air Guitar World Final on Friday.

Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round

Thu 27 Aug 10.30 p.m. / 45 Special (Saaristonkatu 12, Oulu) / Age limit 18 yrs / Free entry (service fee 2,50€) / After Sweat: Aireoke


Celebration Culminates in the World Final on Friday

The ultimate battle in the art of Air Guitar will take place on Friday 28 August at the Rotuaari Square in Oulu, Finland. Besides the victorious dark horses who made their way through the qualifiers, the world stage gathers together the seven national champions of Canada, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States, and the Air Guitar World Champion 2014 Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura of Japan.

Besides the world-wide glory, the winner will be rewarded with a hand-made Flying Finn electric guitar, custom-made for the Air Guitar World Champion only, and with goodies of the Finnish eco-brand Globe Hope.

The world final will be streamed online at starting at 7.30 EE

Air Guitar World Final

Fri 28 August / The former Air Guitar champion’s warm-up starting at 7.30 p.m., opening at 8 p.m. / Rotuaari Square, Oulu, Finland / No age limit / Free entry