Birthday Programme Presents the Best Bits in the Art of Air Guitar

Air Guitar World Championships Starts The 20th Anniversary Celebration Today

Twenty years of playback and parody – the Air Guitar World Championships starts its anniversary celebration today, getting its highlight with the glorious World Final on Friday 28 August in Oulu, Finland.

These are the best bites for your Air Guitar Week:

Airnadette – We Will Dub You

The greatest Air artistes in the world start the party with their musical comedy We Will Dub You. Airnadette is here to entertain you and entertain they will with their hard core lip sync and miming.  We Will Dub You runs you through the magnifique moments of pop history without giving out a single vocal chord. Only the hairbrushes and sweat are real – the rest is champion level faking!

Airnadette – We Will Dub You

Wed 26 Aug 8 p.m. / Thu 27 Aug 8 p.m. / 75 min. / Uusi Seurahuone (Rantakatu 4, Oulu) / Age Limit 18 yrs

Tickets: 20€ at the door, 18€ in advance at the Cultural Center Valve Ticket Sales


Air Guitar Carte Blanche

As the old air guitar saying goes: ”Airness is like porn. You know when you see it”. And that's what this screening is all about. Airness, that is. Born as the bastard child of the Oulu Music Video Festival and evolving into an annual event, Air Guitar World Championships is organized for the 20th time this year. For the sake of the anniversary, we'll screen most memorable air guitar performances, presented by two champions, Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howard and Aline ”The Devil’s Niece” Westphal. Twenty years of experience tells us that we don't even try to guess the rest of the show.

Air Guitar Carte Blanche feat. The Devil’s Niece & Nordic Thunder

Thu 27 Aug 4 p.m. / 120 min. / Cultural Centre Valve (Hallituskatu 7, Oulu), Valvesali / Tickets at the Cultural Centre Valve Ticket Sales 4€ Valveen lippumyymälästä

Tune in for more news on Thursday’s Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round and the spectacle of spectacles, Air Guitar World Final!