Air Guitar World Championships battled in Finland Next Week

The 19th Air Guitar World Championships entertains the crowd in Oulu, Northern Finland next week. The four-day festival culminates in the World Final on Friday when the world’s best air guitarists battle over the victory at Rotuaari square. The Final is also streamed live online to the international audience.

In addition to the skillful finalists, the evening will be starred by Huutajat, an internationally known choir that scream instead of singing, Finnish pop band Ukkosmaine, dance group and Air Guitarists from Ukraine and Russia. The Final is hosted by the American Air Guitar Guru Dan ’Björn Türoque’ Crane. The stage will also be taken over by two former World Champions, Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howard (US) and Aline ”The Devil’s Niece” Westphal (DE). 

As an audience feedback stated last year, the World Final is a ’surprisingly entertaining’ show that offers dazzling performances with and without visible instruments. The two round competition is spiced up with half-time performances that, in addition to offering live music and dance, celebrate the peaceful ideology of Air Guitar. The second half-time number, ’Ode to World Peace’, celebrates the friendship of nations with Huutajat and former National Champions Baron Horse-Stealer from Ukraine and Devilseducer from Russia.

The audience will have a chance to learn Air Guitar moves from the World Champions at the warm-up session of the Final. The two World Champions, Nordic Thunder and Markus Vainionpää, will give the audience a short Air Guitar workshop just before the opening ceremonies. The event begins with the workshop at 7.40 p.m. and the winner will be revealed by 11.30 p.m. The World Final is streamed online at starting at 7.40 p.m. 

The Last Chance to Win a Golden Ticket to The World Final

The finalists have been chosen at the National Championships earlier this year. Last chance to win ones way to the Final is at the Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round on Thursday Aug 28 at rock club 45 Special in Oulu. Twenty-one contestants will compete over the golden ticket to the World Final, but only few of them get to challenge the National Champions and the defending World Champion, Eric ”Mean” Melin (US) on the Final stage on Friday.

The 19th Air Guitar World Championships is held in Oulu, Northern Finland on 27-30 August. In addition to the airy battle, the four-day festival includes the warm-up day Airientation on Wednesday 27, and a soothing post-festival trip to Iso-Syöte at Air Off event on 30-31 August. The World Final and Dark Horses' Qualifying Round have free entry.