UK Championships Coming Up Soon!

Upcoming National Championships:


The last National Championships of the season will be held in UK on Saturday 20 August. The ultimate battle to decide the country's greatest air guitarist, an air-off of epic proportions and spectacle not to be missed, will be held at The Garage in London.

National Champions 2011:


The 2nd Ukrainian Championships took place in Kiev on 22 July. For the second year in a row, the title of Ukrainian Champion was taken by Rezo ”Baron Horse-stealer” Gamrekelidze. The second time might be the charm – see you at the World Final, Baron Horse-stealer!


The US Air Guitar Tour culminated in the National Final in Chicago on Saturday 23 July. After their 10-week search accross the country, US Air Guitar Community found a new National Champion: Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howard. See his winning performance at


The 3rd Brazilian Championships brought back an old friend, as Fausto ”Mr. Heavyer Dannair” Carraro won the contest and will return to Oulu to represent his country in the 16th Air Guitar World Championships.

Airientation Warms Up the Ultimate Party of Airness – Join the Festivities!

The brand new National Champions will take over the stage in no time - The Sweet Sixteen of Air Guitar World Championships will be celebrated in Oulu, Finland on 24-27 August. The National Champions and most successful Dark Horses will battle over the highest trophy in the World Final at Oulu Market Place on Friday 26 August.

The four-day airy jamboree starts with Airientation, an orientation day that offers a chance to meet the peace-loving air guitar family, share thoughts with the brothers and sisters in Air and learn the basis of the world's most transparent art form at the Air Guitar Seminar. The Airientation registration closes on Monday 15 August, see the details here