National Championships Battled All Over the World

Upcoming Events in AGWC Network

Czech Republic
It’s nearly time for the 2nd Czech Air Guitar Championships! The Czech Final will be held at United Islands Festival in Prague on Friday 24 June. 

Yet another airy year for Germany! The 8th German Championships will be battled at Circus Maximus in Koblenz on Friday 15th July.
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Ongoing National Championships

The Russian Air Guitar Championships will culminate in the national final in Moscow on 29 June.

Malaysian Championships will kick off in few days as the first qualifying contest will be battled in Penang on 26 June. 

The US Air Guitar Caravan has been on the road since early May, but there’s still some miles to go before they sleep. Check their current whereabouts at

Nine cities done – only the Grand Final to go! Belgian Final will be held at Festival de Dour on 16 July.

French Air Guitar Championships takes over Paris tomorrow! National Final will take place at Festival Beauregard in Caen on 2-3 July.

Air Guitar World Championships 2011

The 16th Air Guitar World Championships will take place in Oulu, Finland on 24-27 August 2011. The Airiest of them all will be chosen at the World Final on Friday 26 August. Join the ultimate festival of all airheads!