Belgium Kicks off the Air Guitar Season 2011

Yet another smashing year of Air is about to begin – 2011 is the sweet sixteen for the Air Guitar World Championships! Our Belgian friends have the honor to start the new season on Saturday 26th February when the first national contest will take place in Liege.

The 3rd Belgian Air Guitar Championships will definitely bring fresh members to the family as the two-time national champion, Fermont “AirGus” Corentin, announced his retirement recently. As we all know, you can take the man out of Air Guitar contests, but you can never take the Air Guitar out of a man. Therefore AirGus will continue his career by joining the Belgian Air Guitar Federation.

The Belgian season will continue with 10 qualifying contest including special visit in the punk rock mayhem Grozerock Festival in April. The national championships will culminate in the grand final in the Dour Festival in July. And what is more, the Belgian Federation promises to reveal extra big surprises later this spring – You’d better stay tuned, airheads!

The 16th Air Guitar World Championships will rock the city of Oulu, in Northern Finland, on 24-27 August. You are officially invited to join the airy jamboree!

Belgian Air Guitar Championships: