United Kingdom, Japan and Malaysia Have National Champions

Air Guitar World Championships are fast approaching, and the last of this year's national finals were held last week. In the United Kingdom the air guitar frenzy took over London last week. Defending champion Thom Wilding was challenged by a plethora of new hopefuls, but no-one could quite match his energetic performance and he was crowned the UK air guitar champion now for the second year running.

Air guitar newcomer Malaysia held their first ever national championships last week. The airy art gathered plenty of contestants in the tropical country. Winner was Albert “L-Bird”, who charmed the judges with his rock-appropriate looks.  Air guitars rocked out in Japan, too – and as always, the final was far from boring, contestant’s styles varying from Super Mario to monkey. However, heavy rock was the way forward in this year’s final, and the winner Sunany outrocked the other contestants with his old school moves. Massive congratulations to all winners!

The National Champions will take part in the Air Guitar World Championships Final in Oulu, Finland on 27 August. AGWC celebrates its 15th anniversary on 25 – 28 August, and this is guaranteed to be the party of the year. Welcome!

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