The Grand Anniversary of the Air Guitar World Championships Begins

Five Countries Join the AGWC Network

Air Guitar World Championships has an important message to deliver to the citizens of Colombia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Mexico and Ukraine: Welcome to the big happy family of Air Guitar!

Year 2010 will definitely bring some fresh air guitar talent to the world final stage as the national champions will be chosen for the very first time in Colombia, Denmark, Ukraine and Czech Republic. Mexico makes a comeback to the AGWC Network after a short break and is yet again ready for the search of the national air guitar hero. The beautiful message of air guitar will soon spread over the new AGWC Network member countries as the national air guitar championships will be held during the spring and summer 2010.

France kicked off the air guitar season already in January and the next qualifying contest will be held in Nantes on 18 February 2010. Who will inherit the title of the national champion from victorious Sylvain ‘Günther Love’ Quimene, also known as the Air Guitar World Champion 2009, will be seen during the following months.

The 15th Anniversary Party in August!

The 15th anniversary of Air Guitar World Championships will be celebrated on 25-28 August 2010. In addition to the traditional air guitar events the jubilee offers the audience some specialties, e.g. a unique chance to increase their airy wisdom at the AGWC Anniversary Seminar and view the most charming shots from the history of Air Guitar World Championships in the AGWC 15th Anniversary Photo Exhibition. The airiest of them all will be chosen in the Grand Final on Friday 27 August 2010.

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