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National Air Guitar Championships coming up in Germany

The 7th German Air Guitar Championships Final will take place in Berlin on 9 July. Christian 'Heart Buckboard' Sweep has dominated the German Air Guitar scene for years, and last year he represented his country in Air Guitar World Championships for the 4th time running. Stay tuned to find out if he remains the German champion or will someone be able to defeat the air guitar legend this year.

Five New National Champions from Europe

Five European countries chose new national air guitar champions. Newcomer Slovakia had its first ever air guitar championships at T-Mobile Music City in Rimavska Sobota on 25 June. After a somewhat emotional display of air guitar talent, Peter Kuriš?ák became the judges’ favourite and bagged the title of a national champion. Czech Republic was also on the lookout for a national champ in Prague on 26 June. Although the contest was very even, Bedrich Babinoska Levi stood out in the end with his personal style and was crowned the Czech champion.

On the same day, Ukraine had its first national air guitar contest in the capital Kiev. The winner was Baron Rustler, who defeated nine other contestants. Undoubtedly his glam-appropriate leopard-print tights worked to his favour, too. In Ireland, the national air guitar final took place in Dublin on 1 July. Deku Chan charmed the judges with his accurate timing and energy and was crowned the very first Irish champion.  Massive congratulations to all winners!

The National Champions will take part in Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland on Friday 27 August. The 15th Birthday of AGWC will be celebrated on 25-28 August. Welcome to the party of the year!

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