National Finals, Air Guitar Champions and Network Newcomers

National Finals in France and Ukraine

Airy spring activities continue as national finals are fast approaching in France and Ukraine. AGWC Network Newcomer Ukraine will choose the nation’s best air guitarist in the National Final for the first time this year. Qualifying contests took place earlier this spring in several cities around the country, and the final will be competed in Kiev Friday 21 May.

In France the air guitar mayhem is drawing closer to its climax, too. The nation has been on the lookout for a successor for current World Champion, Sylvain ‘Günther Love’ Quimene, since January. Now the winners of semifinals will compete against each other in the national final at Art Rock Festival in Saint-Brieuc on 24 May.

National Champions Revealed in Mexico, Denmark and New Zealand

Friday 30 April was a day to remember for Mexico, Denmark and New-Zealand, as on that day all three countries were blessed with a new Air Guitar Champion. The fiery Mexicans chose Karla “Gótika” Mendoza as their National Champion after she successfully outplayed other contestants. The very first Danish Champion is Soeren “Big Gee” Gregersen who stood out from the rest with his wild air-rocking performance. After a tight battle Ben “The Hellmut Experience” Greaney won the title of New Zealand Air Guitar Champion now for the second time – previously he won the contest in 2006. Congratulations for all Champions, may the Air be with you!

Air Guitar Family Welcomes New Members

International AGWC Network expands even further, as Malaysia, Slovakia and Ireland joined the jolly bunch. With these new additions, we are happy to announce that the Air Guitar Family now covers 26 countries! The new members will organise their first ever national championships this summer.
The National Champions will take part in the Air Guitar World Championships Final in Oulu, Finland on 27 August. AGWC celebrates its 15th anniversary on 25 – 28 August, and this is guaranteed to be the party of the year. Welcome!

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