More National Finals and Champions

Three more countries will hold their national Air Guitar finals in July. After a lengthy semifinals tour, air guitar hype in Belgium will culminate at the Dour-Festival on 18 July. Several newcomers will challenge current national champ Fermont”Air Gus” Corentin, stay tuned to find out how this AC/DC inspired air-enthusiast will cope.

In the US the air guitar tour kicked off in April, and now, after visiting 16 cities, the air caravan will make its last stop in New York City on 22 July when the final takes place. The country has brought several air guitar superstars to our knowledge, and it remains to be seen whether this year’s national champ will become another air guitar legend. Canada will hold its final will be held in Winnipeg on 24 July.  Current champion Johnny Utah is known for is energetic performances and chameleon-like ability to change his looks, so newcomers are facing a real challenge. Good luck to all contestants!

Christian Sweep is the German air guitar champion – again!

Germany held its 7th air guitar championships this year in Berlin in the beginning of July, and the result may not come as a surprise to most air guitar fans: Christian”Heart Buckboard” Sweep was once again chosen best by the judges as well as the audience, leaving other contestants hoping for better luck next year. Congratulations!

The National Champions will take part in the Air Guitar World Championships Final in Oulu, Finland on 27 August. AGWC celebrates its 15th anniversary on 25 – 28 August, and this is guaranteed to be the party of the year. Welcome!

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