Air Guitar World Championships 15th Anniversary Party in August

It's a four-day celebration for the 15th Anniversary of Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland in August 25-28. In addition to finding this year's champion, the festive event offers special programme for everybody; from the educational Anniversary Seminar to a nostalgic photo exhibition.

The Year's Air Guitar Climax Rocks for World Peace

The international rock 'n roll party culminates with the Air Guitar World Championships Grand Final on Friday 27 August when National Champions and Dark Horses from more than 25 countries battle for the 2010 World Championship. Gathering several thousand fans last year, the admission to the Final is again free, and the contest is held at the Oulu Marketplace. The event is crowned by popular Finnish live-acts, rap artist Paleface and Samuli Putro with his band leading the end of the evening into a peaceful mood. In addition, the Friday festivities also witness a march for world peace and a declaration of Air Guitar Peace, broadcast globally via the internet. The final is hosted by Dan “Björn Türoque” Crane.

Jubilee year offers Air Guitar education and open doors

Warm-up activities for the contest open with the Anniversary Seminar that showcases the Air Guitar phenomenon and ideology at Hotel-Restaurant Lasaretti on Wednesday 25 August. In the semi-absurd spirit of Air Guitar, the speakers include the American Air Guitar Guru Dan ”Björn Türoque” Crane, Turku 2011 event co-ordinator and former Air Guitar producer Marika Lamberg, urban culture expert Topiantti Äikäs, Air Guitar World Champions Craig ”Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeier and Sylvain ”Günther Love” Quimene who discuss the challenges of Air Guitar stardom, as well as the seminar host Juha Hippi. The seminar is open to everyone and admission is free. Registration for the seminar closes August 11, the registration form can be found at Congress Oulu website.

The festivities continue at the Dark Horses Qualifying Round at rock bar 45 Special and Night of Arts Air Guitar Moment at the Festival Tent on Thursday 26 August. Air Guitars can also be seen at the People Need Air photo exhibition at Cultural Centre Valve galleries from August 14 to September 12, and at the Oulu travel service providers' weekly programme, which features activities hosted by popular Air Guitarists. Apart from the travel services, all the events have free admission.

Check out the more detailed programme here.

Registration to the Air Guitar World Championships is also open. Deadline for registrations is Friday 6 August. Please check out the instructions and the entry form.


The mutual accreditation of Air Guitar World Championships and Oulu Music Video Festival is now open, find more information and the accreditation form on OMVF website.

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