The Northern Finnish city of Oulu embraced yet again the world peace during the 19th edition of the Air Guitar World Championships. The World Final on Fri 29 August turned out to be victorious for the Japanese who had traveled to Oulu with the largest team in years – including this year’s national air guitar champion Nanami ”Seven Seas” Nagura.

After a tight air-off with the reigning US champion Matt ”Airistotle” Burns, Seven Seas turned out to be invincible also on the world final stage. The American team had to give in for the Japanese Air Guitar fury when the 19-year-old samurai girl beat also the 2013 World Champion Eric ”Mean” Melin, who scored the 3rd place. After two years under the US ruling, the trophy of Air Guitar shall spread its peaceful message from the land of the rising sun in 2014.

The message of peace was strongly present at the World Final celebration, when the all-shouting male choir Huutajat declared an Ode to Joy – along with the Ukranian and Russian air guitarists Rezo ”Baron Horse-Stealer” Gamrekelidze and Alex ”Devilseducer” Gott in a peace-loving Air Guitar statement. The audience was also enchanted with the sensual Finnish pop duo Ukkosmaine. The evening was hosted by Dan ”Björn Türoque” Crane and included also some special appearances of the 2011 and 2012 World Champions Aline ”The Devil’s Niece” Westphal and Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howard.

The honorary jury included the Head of the Jury, guitarist Juha Torvinen, showdancer Outi Räsänen, a culture personality and the conductor of Huutajat Petri Sirviö as well as two national  Air Guitar organizers Mathias Mertens (DE) and Ivalyo Botushanov (BG).

The compulsory round was performed on TNT Diet by Michael Monroe.

The Results of the Air Guitar World Championships Finals

1. Nanami ”Seven Seas” Nagura (JP) 35,3 (17,4)
2. Matt ”Airistotle” Burns (US) 35,3 (17,1)
3. Eric ”Mean” Melin (US) 35,0
4. Keisuke ”The Ninja” Nagatsuka (JP) 34,6
5. Lee ”Brymtime” Brymer (CA) 34,4
6. Rob ”Windhammer” Weychert (US) 33,7
7. Daniel ”Moredrive” Oldemeier (DE) 33,5
8. Michael ”The Destroyer” Heffels (NL) 33,4
9. Sabrina ”Lady Liberty” Schramm (DE) 33,1
9. Corentin ”Airgus” Fermont (BE) 33,1
11. Doug ”The Thunder” Stroock (US) 16,2
12. Del-Kun Dave ”G. Tso Money” Chen (TW)16,1
13. Atanas ”Air Grinder” Tsvetkov (BG) 16,0
14. Guy ”The Bandit” Thompson (UK) 15,9
15. Charlotte ”Boy Named Sue” Clarke (UK) 15,8
16. Marquina ”Marteeka” Iliev (US) 15,5