The 14th Air Guitar World Championships took place in Oulu on 19-21 August 2009. The highest crown travelled back to Europe when the golden Frenchman, Sylvain ‘Günther Love’ Quimene, sparkled brighter than the setting sun and won over both the audience and the judges with his sensuous performance at Oulu Market Place on 21 August.  With his explosively erotic performance and tight timing, Günther Love scored highest on the First Round overhauling the defending World Champion, Craig “Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeier (US), by a 0.4 point margin and with a gorgeous backflip. The contest was extremely tight but at the end Hot Lixx Hulahan had to settle for the shared second place with his fellow US citizen Andrew “William Ocean” Litz. 

In addition to massive world-spanning fame, Gunther Love takes home a hand-made Finnish Flying Finn electric guitar. He also received a Golla backpack, as did Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier and Andrew “William Ocean” Litz, the merry second-best air guitarists in the world. The night was once again hosted by the Air Guitar Guru  Dan "Björn Türoque" Crane who warmed the audience up for the action in his familiar airy manner. The event attracted around 5000 people into the warm August night.

In the Grand Final, the four Black Horses from the Qualifying Round challenged the national Champions from United States, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, New Zealand, France, Taiwan, Switzerland, Romania, Australia, Russia, Belgium and Canada, and the defending World Champion, Craig “Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeier. After the Self Chosen Round, the ten highest scoring air guitarists played the wildly rocking Sweatmaster song “Animal” on the Compulsory Round.

The results of the final:

1. Sylvain 'Gunther Love' Quimene (FR) 35.1
2. Craig 'Hot Lixx Hulahan' Billmeier (US) 34.8
2. Andrew 'William Ocean' Litz (US) 34.8
4. Christian 'Heart Buckboard' Sweep (DE) 34.3
5. Theun 'Tremolo Theun' De Jong (NL) 33.5
5. Louis 'Gat Rockin' Randy Reaper' Ewen (NZ) 33.5
7. Thom 'Wild Thing 37' Wilding (UK) 33.0
7. Fausto ' Mr. Heavyer Dannair' Carraro (BR) 33.0
9. Rob 'Skeletaire' Marx (RZA) 32.8
10. Kate 'Zero Prospects' Gray (US) 32.4
11. Mei 'May' Kudo (JP) 16.4
12. Stefan 'Buvnitz' Dragos Zaharescu (RO)16.3
13. Clay 'Bangers' Connolly (AU) 16.2
13. Dirk 'Lord Airness' Lüdi (CH) 16.2
15. Cole 'Johnny Utah' Manson (CA)16.1
15. Tormis Laanisto (EE)16.1
17. Fermont 'AirGus' Corentin (BE) 15.8
18. Alexander 'Devilseducer' Gott (RUS) 15.3
18. Scott 'Indie Mayhem' Weatherall (TW)15.3
20. Nick 'Snake Riffskin' Brown (UK) 15.2
20. Romain 'Château Brutal' Lesaffre  (FR) 15.2