The ninth edition of the Air Guitar World Championships brought, again, a majestic number of international contestants and media to Oulu. National qualifying competitions were organized already in ten different countries, and challenging the national champions in the finals there were six air guitarists from the Oulu qualifying competition.

This time something that had never occurred before happened. First, the contest culminated into two extra rounds between Tarquin "The Tarkness" Keys from New Zealand and the USA Champion Miri "Sonyk-Rok" Park. Second, due to the humane error in the calculation of the scores, Sonyk-Rok was declared as the winner and she was handed over the ever-so-airy Flying Finn guitar together with a VOX BM Special amp.

After the verification of the scores it was discovered that the contestant who had gathered the best scores was Tarquin Keys. The jury and the organizers had to make a tough decision and divided the championship to both Tarquin Keys and Miri Park. The equality-minded values of Air Guitar were seen in real life, as always. The ruling Champion, C-Diddy, got the 3rd place.


1.Tarquin "The Tarkness" Keys (NZ)
1. Miri "Sonyk-Rok" Park (USA)
3. David "C-Diddy" Jung (USA)
4. Takeshi Kongouchi (JPN)
5. Michael "The Destroyer" Heffels (NED)
6. Mike "The Judge" Kaden (AUT)
7. Svein "PuzzyFuzzbourne - The Prostitute of Rock" Kleivane (NOR)
8. Troy "Rock 'n' Roll Troy" Carter (AUS)
8. Victor Miranda "Viktower Málaga" Garcia (SPN)
10. Garth "Chuck Mung" Donald (USA)
11. Ingo "Ingroove" Schulz (GER)
12. Ron "Bucketbutt" Van den Branden (BEL)
13. Thomas "Smell Gibson" Murray (IRE)
14. Elina "Tarot Woman" Niiranen (FIN)
15. Markku "Albert" Halmesaari (FIN)
16. Eero "Oulun oma poika" Ojala (FIN)

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