In 2003, the World Champion crowned from amongst fourteen finalists was the US Champion David "C-Diddy" Jung. He excelled on the stage in his red kimono captivating both the judges and the audience of 3,700 people with his Air Guitar skills. In addition to worldwide fame and glory, the American actor received a handmade Finnish Flying Finn guitar together with a VOX BM Special amplifier designed, donated and signed by Queen guitarist Brian May. Besides Juha Torvinen, the competition jury included Angela McCoy and guitarist Henrik Andersson from Swedish group Hank.


1. David C-Diddy" Jung (USA)
2. Jordi "Funky Jordi" Nieuwenburg (NED)
3. Mark "Roxy McStagger" Hadfield (AUS)
3. Kris "Stan Kreich" Achten (BEL)
4. Erkki "Donaldo Galvosukiai" Lilja (FIN)
4. Dave "McInroe" Rowlands (NZ)
5. Marco "Marc Airminator Wolfscorner" Bartolini (AUT)
6. Andre Ulriksen (NOR)
7. Dan "Björn Turoque" Crane (USA)
8. Mike "The Judge" Kaden (AUT)
9. Niko "air.alm" Alm (AUT)
9. Jussi "Käkkis" Arhinmäki (FIN)
10. Petri Kalmari (FIN)
11. Ian "The Red Plectrum" Stafford (UK)

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