The 2001 Championships created a perfect contrast with to the previous year. A record-breaking amount of contestants, 13 of them from Great Britain, 2,500 entranced spectators, and for the first time the champion came from outside Finland! The Air Guitar World Championships had finally become an international news event that lured in Air Guitarists, TV-crews and reporters around the world. In January, Time Magazine listed the Air Guitar World Championships as one of the most important news events in 2001.

London architect, DJ and future Air Guitar agitator, Zac "Mr Magnet" Monro, charmed the jury and the audience alike. He rendered the British band Blur's "Song 2" on his optional round. Unlike many other contestants Monro had dressed in a simple way and didn't hide behind a mask or a wig. This attracted the Air Guitar jurors, guitar legend Juha Torvinen and chief editor Markku Veijalainen, who demanded the others to step out from the closet.

Monro took the World Championship for the first time to Great Britain - and for the first time out of Finland - while his countryman, Rupert "Big Prince" Abrahams rose onto the third place.


1. Zac Monro (UK)
2. Markus Vainionpää (FIN)
3. Rupert Abrahams (UK)

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