Again, the earth trembled in the Oulu Market Place. The stage was slippery from heavy rain but at the same time very relieving. The 13 contestants, seven of whom were from abroad, animated the 1,500 people in the crowd being spanked by the rain. There were a few Brits, an American and a Frenchman. Nevertheless, what made the competition historical, though, was its winner: Johanna Ala-Siurua was the first woman who won the World Championship title! The contest consisted of two rounds, as usual. On the first, compulsory round the Air Guitarists performed "Locomotive" from the Guns'n'Roses. On the second round Ala-Siurua, who was dressed in an Angus-Young-ish way, pushed air to its limits while AC/DC accompanied her performance.

In addition to the fresh World Champion, the contest was booming with showmanship by Petteri Tikkanen who had dressed up in a Black Spider outfit. Arnaud Stephan from France and USA's own Peter Shapiro also contributed with foreign exotic to the fourth annual contest in the graceful night of Oulu. The judges of the competition were Juha Torvinen and folk dance choreographer Petri Kauppinen.


1. Johanna Ala-Siurua (FIN)
2. Petteri Tikkanen (FIN)
3. Arnaud Stephan (FRA)

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