The Air Guitar Season Culminates in the World Final

Fri 23 August - 7 p.m. – Rotuaari Square – Free entry – No age limit.


7 p.m. Stig & Kullankaivajat
8.20 p.m. The Declaration of  The Air Guitar Peace
8.30 p.m. World Final 

Hosted by Dan "Björn Türoque" Crane

The climax of the air guitar season, the breathtakingly thrilling World Final will be battled at Rotuaari Square, right in the heart of the town. The evening gathers together the national champions, defending World Champion Justin 'Nordic Thunder' Howard (US) plus the victorious dark horses. Only one can be the best of the best, and take home the shiniest trophy! The winner will be awarded with a real guitar, an outstanding Flying Finn handmade by Matti Nevalainen.

In addition to the international Air Guitar Champions, the stage will be starred by Finnish country rap star Stig with his band Kullankaivajat, and some wicked half-time shows. The Final will be hosted by American Master of Airemonies, Dan “Björn Türoque” Crane

To honour the peaceful ideology of Air Guitar, the final festivities start with exorcising all things bad and nasty from our earthly airspace with the help of the traditional Declaration of Air Guitar Peace