Win Your Way to the Final – Make It through the Qualifying Round!

Thu 23 August - 11 p.m – 4 a.m – Rock club 45 Special (Saaristonkatu 12)
Free entry (service fee 2,50 €) – Age limit: 18 yrs.

To take part in the contest, see more info and the Entry Form.


Hotness & Madness Guaranteed

The dark horses get to try out their luck in the Qualifying Round at the legendary rock club 45 Special on Thursday 23 August. The few lucky ones will be on the freeway to the Final and one step closer to stardom!

The dark horses challenge the national champions of the AGWC Network and the defending World Champion on Friday's Final. Last year a Dark Horse took the cherry on top of the pie and won the World Championships Final - This year it could be YOU! 

The Qualifying Round hosted by Jani Kortti


After Sweat: Aireoke & Björn Türoque

Choose your song and go - The Air Guitar Karaoke offers the wackiest party of the week! See the evidence on Youtube.