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"Losing Yourself in The Song Is a Beautiful Thing"

Two months have passed since Mean Melin was crowned the World Champion. Representing the international Air Guitar community has kept him busy lately - took him even to the BBC News to discuss the scientific aspect of the air guitar with a Cambridge professor - and yet he found some time to share his inspiring thoughts with us. Here's the story about a late bloomer who became the world's number one Air Guitarist. And he keeps doing us proud , that's for sure!


"It’s been two months now since I’ve had the honor of being the Air Guitar World Champion, and I have to tell you - it’s still sinking in. I had such an amazing time meeting people from all over the world who are addicted to this crazy sport/art form as much as I am.

I am a late bloomer. Five years ago was the first time I had even heard that this hilarious subculture of music fans and shame-free freaks even existed, and ever since my first competition, I have been working to spread the word as an air guitar ambassador in the U.S. I’m excited to expand that this year.


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Scientifically proven: Air Guitar Improves Creativity

Scientists at Cambridge University have concluded that playing an air instrument unlocks the creative process. Our World Champion Mean Melin discuss the matter on BBC News with a Cambridge scholar  - Watch and learn!


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Interviews, articles, videos and other funny stuff

During the long post-festival weeks, AGWC Headquarters has had the pleasure to follow the amazing stories covered on the 18th edition of Air. We gathered some best bits and pieces on Storify, check it! 

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