It is time for the second round of #AirGuitar20 Photoshop Contest!

The winner of the first round was Andrew 'Flying Finn' Finn. Check the post to see the winning picture and the prize he got!

On this round our Airness Airbrush muse will be Keisuke the Ninja, who came in as a Dark Horse and placed 4th in the World Finals last year. The winner will receive the coveted AGWC merchandise package.

The competition on the first round was tight but Andrew 'Flying Finn' Finn's picture finally collected the most likes. What is there not to like in seeing Nordic Thunder playing himself!

Andrew received a Air Guitar World Championships merchandise package as a price and you can check out what he received in the Air Guitar World Championships Facebook post

Let's start with the Round Two and Keisuke the Ninja! First and foremost here is the original picture and the cutout for your creations.


Use the original image we posted above, or download this image without a background and send us your own creations! Email your image to eric@airnestprod.com or post them to our Facebook wall. All entries will be posted together and the picture with the most likes will be the winner.

For your inspiration here are few Airness Airbrushings made by fellow Airguitarists.






Looking forward for your entries!

- AGWC Headquarters

Thu 23 Jul 2015


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