Recycled & Demilitarized - The 2014 Edition of Air Gear is here!

Recycled & Demilitarized - The 2014 Edition of Air Gear is here!

The official Air Guitar World Championships merchandise 2014, brought to you by our friend Varusteleka - one of the biggest army stores in Europe.

Something old, something new - This year you can choose from two different prints: ”Airness Is Next to Godliness” by comic artist Mari Ahokoivu, and last year's visual ”Make Air, Not War" print by our lovely graphic designer Mikko Arhippainen. Prints are made by Kooma - hand-made clothes from Oulu since 1998.

Promo Pics photographed at the kooma boutique, by Valokuvaamo Palovaara - Pekka Palovaara. 2013 photos taken at Northern Finnish soul scenery, a swamp of Yli-Ii.

Limited edition: merchandise is available only in the event in 2014 at Cultural Centre Valve (Hallituskatu 7, Oulu) and at the World Final venue. These beautiful outfits were sold out last year, don’t waste any time to get your own

When Jenny is taking selfies, she's wearing Mil-Tec sailor hat decorated with the official AGWC badge. 


Everytime Jarkko is hanging from the doorframe, he likes to show off his muscles and his Bundesfehr (that's for the German army) t-shirt in olive green with the official AGWC print in front.


When someone is watching you, make sure to look your best and wear the official AGWC merchandise. If you don't, we'll crop you out from the picture.


Young Taneli (he is very very young), is wearing the comfortable, warm BW polo shirt. Jarkko, on the other hand, is freezing outside.


The stylish trio is wearing the olive green field shirts, equipped with the official "Airness Is Next to Godliness" print (not visible on this picture, unfortunately).


Jenny is not impressed with Jarkko's guns, but the Mil-Tec Telnyashka tops look good.


P.S. Varusteleka also has a webstore - and yes, they deliver internationally. See for yourself!

Tue 26 Aug 2014


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