National Champions 2014: Lady Liberty (DE)

National Champions 2014: Lady Liberty (DE)

The National Champions 2014 blog series presents the Air Guitarists who represent their country in the World Final on Friday 29 August. The T-shirts are donated by the City of Oulu that welcomes all the airheads to join the Air Guitar circus on 27-30 August.

Name: Sabrina "Lady Liberty" Schramm
Years in active: 1.5 years
Where do you get your Airness: The love for music drives me.
Oulu in 5 words: I, have, never, been, there! I guess it is very Interesting, fun, Full of Airness and awesome people!
My Air Guitar Idol: The guy in the bar who plays with all his heart not careing about a thing - we all know him!
Greetings to the Air Guitar Family: Airy greetings, see you in a week!

See more info on Air Guitar Germany.

Mon 25 Aug 2014


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