Those Steamin' Dark Horses Tonight!

The exciting lottery for the performing order for Dark Horses tonight in 45 Special has been done. 

1. Marie "Chuck Airy" von Borstel (DE)

2. Jessica "Aerojess" Lange (DE)

3. Merlin "Airlectic Shock" Schumacher (DE)

4. Tom "Sgt. Wrecker" Hill (AU)

5. Doug "The Thunder" Stroock (US)

6. Shingo "Airguitaryman Shingoro" Harima (JP)

7. Keisuke "Keisuke the Ninja" Nagatsuka (JP)

8. Noriko "Angel Prop Norry" Irie (JP)

9. Corentin "Airgus" Fermont (BE)

10. Rob "Windhammer" Weychert (US)

11. Mitsuaki "Inogami Koushou" Inoue (JP)

12. Valentina "Electric Butterfly" Urm (RU)

13. Soile "Office Rat" Suvanto (FI)

14. Michael "Giant Junk" Vucovich (US)

15. Del-Kun Dave "G. Tso Money" Chen (TW)

16. Marquina "Marteeka" Iliev (US)

17. Jan "Geeky Gisbert" Fischer (DE)

18. Daniel "Moredrive" Oldemeier (DE)

19. Mikael "Spike" Dahlbom (SE)

20. Guy "The Bandit" Thompson (UK)

The Dark Horses Jury includes five members: The Artistic Director of Oulu Music Video Festival, Otto Kylmälä, singer of the flamenco band Bajo Cero & producer of the Jojo - Oulu Dance Centre Anna Murtola and Neondad guitarist & producer Jarkko Halunen, and two National Championships' organizers of the AGWC Network. The lottery for these two will be held later today at the organisers meeting.

Exciting or what? Come see it and enjoy the ride!