National Championships happening all over the place!

The National Championships are battled in several AGWC Network countries during the following weeks:

The Russian Championships tour vistis St. Petersburg tonight where the qualifying round gets battled at Griboedov Hill club. The airy journey culminates at the Russian Final in Moscow on 29 June.

The German air guitarists will step on stage at the 10 qualifying heats organized all over the country during the summer months. The champion will be chosen at the national final at Circus Maximus in Koblenz on 13 July.

The land of the rising sun started its air guitar season last Saturday in Shinjuku Loft. The Japanese Championships continues in Tokyo on 20 July, and the national final will be held in Sendai on 3rd August.

The United States
The US tour travels to Boston, Kansas City and Chicago this weekend. Next week the airy talents are searched in San Francisco, St Petersburg (FL) and Tuscon (AZ). The US semifinals will be batlled in four cities on 2 July – 3 August, National Final date and venue to be announced.

National Champions 2013

Belgia and UK took no time to find their 2013 Air Guitar Champions. The new first lady of the Belgian air guitar community, Miss Issippy, took the shiniest crown in the national final at Inc'Rock Festival in May. Our good old friend in pink pants, W!ld Th!ng 37, won the UK Championships for the third time and will return to the World Final Stage in August.

Thu 6 Jun 2013


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