My Home Is Where My Air Is, vol 1.

My Home Is Where My Air Is, vol 1.

Only short two weeks to go - Time to meet the national champions 2013!

This year the City of Oulu welcomed the National Air Guitar Heros to the Capital of Northern Scandinavia by sending out t-shirts to each champion. We start the "Home Is Where My Air Is" series with two national champions, James "The Beast" Lowe from The Netherlands and Daniel "Moredrive" Oldemeier from Germany. 

The Netherlands

Name: James "The Beast" Lowe
Years in active: Since I was 12 listening to my dads Queen CD. Tie your mother down! In competition, Dutch nationals in 2008.
Where do you get your Airness? From the wild places. The jungle, the desert and the mountains... Anywhere OUT THERE!
City of Oulu - Hot or Not? Give five words to describe Oulu: HOT! (of course), HotTER in August, HOTTEST on the 23rd in Rotuaari Square! Hottest Venue on the Planet!
Not there but in the Air: Passion
Greetings to the Air Guitar Family: Guys and gals, I can't wait to meet everyone in Oulu. For those who can't make it, keep rocking the air wherever you are. For those who will be there, lets make it the biggest party in the Northern Hemisphere for the 18th Edition! Let's change the world!


Name: Daniel "Moredrive" Oldemeier
Years in active: Two years with two years of taking fresh air in.
Where do you get your Airness? Two things are making the air vibrate to me: The music and the people watching my air guitar.
City of Oulu – Hot or not? Give five words to describe Oulu: I cannot really know, because the championships will be my first visit in Oulu, but these are my expectations from what I saw on the internet: Low temperatures, but hot air!
Tell us something that is not there, but in the Air: Love and peace!
Greetings to the Air Guitar Family: I am really excited to meet all of you great air guitarist and people behind the scenes, that I watched so many times in videos, personally. I can hardly wait for the great time in Oulu! Airy greetings from Paderborn, Germany and see you in Oulu!

Thu 8 Aug 2013


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