India and Kazakhstan join the AGWC Network

Yet another beautiful year of Air Guitar has begun! The 18th edition of AGWC will be celebrated in Oulu on 21-23 August, but before the traveling to Northern Finland, the international air guitar forces will rock out from the bottom of their souls at the National Championships all over the globe. 

While waiting for the updates on the air guitar season 2013 kick-off we have the pleasure to welcome two new family members to the international AGWC Network: Say hello to India and Kazakhstan! The both new-comers took no time to get in action and have already set clear plans on airing up their cultural scene. Kazakhstan experienced its first air guitar event in December, and you can check on YouTube how the Kazakh air pioneers rock the air.

The organizers of Air Guitar India send their greetings to the global air guitar community by sharing their thoughts on joining the family: "The concept of doing the championships along with the other countries, internationalizing the event by taking the winner abroad for representing their country motivated and created interest within us. Further to this we have a very big Bollywood SuperStar Sanjay Dutt who has been a Gold Medalist of Air Guitaring 25 Years back in a competition in New York. He has a huge following and we hope to get him onboard for the India edition." Air Guitar India is aiming to bring the Indian airheads together, not to mention having fun while doing it: "We hope to get a very good response from the Indian rock fanatics, as this concept will appease those who love playing guitar professionally but can't as they are not trained. At the same time, the crowd gets a to witness a fun element and a performance on stage." 

Stay tuned on the AGWC Network whereabouts by following the AGWC website and Facebook, and keep the good air flowing!

Wed 9 Jan 2013


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