The Air Guitarist of the Month: Devil's Niece, vol. 3

The Air Guitarist of the Month: Devil's Niece, vol. 3


It was a crazy year! A wonderful year I’ll never forget!
I visited the half of Germany. I met a lot of different people: journalists, AC/DC
cover bands, popular German entertainer, actors, comedians, awesome guitarists
and more. The meeting with the former producer and the drummer of my
favourite German punk band was one of my highlights. Actually the guitarist of
the drummer’s side project asked me for some moves. Shortly after he
presented all the moves on the real instrument live on stage. He was so proud
that I was in the audience. And I was proud that a real guitarist made the
windmill, the neckbreaker and my trademark moves the snake walk and the
clock work just for me!

I was performing in quiz and talk shows on television, on a boat on the Elbe in
Hamburg, in an old prison feeling a little bit like Johnny Cash, on a biker meeting
having an impressive Harley sound around me, on the roof of a club in Berlin
with a breathtaking view over the wonderful city and in an ice rink in Frankfurt in
front of 4000 people.

I had a lot of funny moments. I remember a little girl in the ice rink. As I went by
she said to her mother: “Take a look, Mommy! There is a vampire!” It made my

And I was almost attack by raccoons at night while I was waiting in front of my
hotel. Sometimes people recognized me in the streets. They asked me things like
“Hey, aren’t you the girl with the guitar?!” – “Precisely not.” Or the people tend to confuse me with Lena Meyer-Landrut (German winner of the European Song Contest in Norway in 2010). Really, they did! “Are you the girl who won in Oslo” – “No, Oulu, I’m sorry.”

My air guitar bro Justin “Nordic Thunder” wrote in his blog text in June something
about mothers and air guitar. It’s just 2 month ago that my mother saw me live
on stage! Before her first presence at my air rock show she was full of doubts;
“It’s so loud, I don’t like the music. It looks stupid. I don’t know…” After the
show she came to me and said: “Line, that was great! You’re not playing air
guitar, sweetie, you ARE air guitar.” I was moved to tears.

Tue 21 Aug 2012


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