A Wicked Weekend of Air

Attention Russians, Americans and Estonians: Lots of Airness happening in your countries in the following days!

Both the US and Russia start their national championships tour this weekend with the first regional contests. The airy hotspots will take place in Portland and Seattle in the US and in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk right in the middle of Russia. Estonia will decide their national air guitar hero for 2012 at the Rabarock Festival that, according to what the AGWC headquarters has heard, offers the most laid-back vibes and the best air guitar of the Estonian summer. 

The schedule for this weekend:

15-16 June: National Championships, Rabarock Festival 


Fri 15 June: Krasnoyarsk Qualifying Round 


The US:
Fri 15 June: Portland
Sat 16 June: Seattle


Fri 15 Jun 2012


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